How to Repair a Fence

Many people think of their homes as a reflection of themselves. Home improvement stores have become the new weekend destination for many homeowners. There is one part of the house that is often forgotten during house renovations, and it is perhaps one of the most important. Your yard is the first thing visitors to your house will see. Curb appeal is also a major factor in attracting potential buyers and increasing home values in the neighborhood. One relatively easy addition you can make to your yard that will greatly improve its overall appearance is to fix your existing or add a new fence. Here are a few unique ways to repair your fence.

Your fence should say something about you and your homes style. The fence should set the tone for your property. Using no traditional fencing materials or mixing different materials can help you to create a look that is expressly you. If you choose uniformly sized simple boards and stain them with a variety of tones, you will give a simple picket fence a new updated look. Sheets of metal can be used with wooden posts and metal rails to create a sleek industrial look. To create a look that is beautiful on the outside and one that will whisk you away and offer you a private oasis, place tall bamboo polls next to one another to create an exotic look. If you are in an urban area and are dealing with a chain link eyesore, weaving beautiful fabric through the fence will give you more privacy and create a beautiful work of art.

Some people are reaching way back in time for inspiration and are creating a stacked stone fence or wall around their yards. This will give your house a look that offers stability and permanence. While stone fences may not work at every house adding stone columns at the corners of your fence can give you a similar look for less investment.

Finally, if you aren’t up for installing a whole new fence and just want to rehab the one you already have there are a few great options for giving new life to your existing fence. A can of paint can go a long way toward creating a new look for your yard. If you want your fence to blend in choose an earth tone that will disappear into your yards landscaping. If you want to have a little more fun with your fence bold colors can offer a beautiful accent. If you have kids try painting the outside of your fence, the part your neighbors and people driving by see a solid color and then turn them loose with a few fun colors to paint the inside.